Brownies and Croissants

Before the rugby game we went to a few weeks ago we once again popped into the french market in downtown Chicago to pick up a second breakfast. As well as finding some really good cheese we also were delighted at the selection of French pastries and amazing brownies. For a start croissants, especially almond stuffed croissants are always amazing. These reminded me of the little farm shop in the Village where we used to live. The ones in the market hit just the spot and are highly recommended!

This time we made it past the macaroon stand and at the same stall were some lovely treats. Brownies are also delicious and there are so many types, I haven’t yet tried a bacon brownie! but I tried a cayan pumpkin one. A distinct flavour and better than I expected – I just don’t get the pumpkin spiced thing. There were peanut brownies, and we tried a caramel pecan one. They were dense and chocolatey and oh so yummy. My next baking afternoon is likely to involve some brownies, possibly just traditional gooey ones but we will see. These were the perfect treat to keep us going for the chilly game.


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