Hot chocolate and baked brie at the Emporium

A few weeks ago after a lazy morning we went for a walk along the South Bend river. This river way has a purpose built walkway with a couple of different loops that can take you 30 mins to just over an hour or so. They run along the river and have pretty views, just the ticket for getting some fresh air on a frosty day. This time of year the trees are spectacular. After trudging along and stretching our legs we popped into the Emporium. Set along the river this rather grand building looks pretty impressive and has a nice beer garden that was bathed in sunshine. We intended to stop for a quick drink but having consulted the menu decided we had to order food too, they had too many types of delicious cheese based dishes!

Kiwi tried a couple of local beers and stout, whilst I had a glorious Belgium hot chocolate. There really isn’t anything much better than sitting outside enjoy a little sunshine with a good hot chocolate! Especially as this could be the last of the sunshine for a while! Unless of course you add cheese. We ordered a baked brie with almond, marinated shrimp and a cheesy aubergine dip all three were delicious! Especially the bake brie which we devoured in seconds. the other dishes also looked mouthwatering with lots of fish and fresh yummy choices.


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