Exciting Animals of Indiana

Kiwi here for a semi-regular guest post. Hello.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve done the whole move to the other side of the world thing once before, and had a general idea of what to expect. The many stupid forms, the general catch 22 needed to get anything done, the fun of discovering what the locals think is special (though I’m usually slightly confused as to why), as well as missing all those things you have grown to love.

One way I enjoy to discover your new home is to go to the local park, and get excited about all the new wild life. Moving from NZ to the UK it was the squirrels. Growing up with European and American books, TV and cinema with squirrels left, right and centre (well sort of, … they definitely appear sometimes), it was a novelty to go to Hyde park and actually seeing real life squirrels. And as Wayward Girl still knows, but doesn’t understand, I’ll still get excited at the sight of one.

From wandering around the local parks, I’ve so far got excited about (and managed to photograph):

Chipmunks. Which to my surprise are actually real. And they are not, as I first tried to describe them, baby squirrels. As you can imagine this was both exciting, a new creature, and disappointing, I do rather like squirrels.


Muskrat. It basically looks like a large rat, lives in water, and has rat in its name,…. so is a large rat. But I managed to get a photo of one (that rock like thing in the centre of the photo).


Turtles. We went to a local arboretum, and they promised turtles. Promised!!! And how many turtles can you see in the photo below. 0! ZERO, NILL, NONE. They lied! But I’m told they do exist. And hopefully you can image my excitement when I finally get to see one.


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