Finding structure

Life is always a bit chaotic, that’s what makes it fun. I find it usually easiest to embrace the chaos and go with it. There’s always natural ebbs and flows in life and its equally nice to be busy as it is to have a moment of calm. One big thing we have found from uprooting and rebuilding a new life is how important it is to find some structure. I’d say one of the main things to consider when you are moving to a new place, are what are the three most important things to you in your lifestyle. It might be a particular type of food you like to eat and just couldn’t be without, or a specific type of restaurant, maybe specific spaces, like having parks, mountains, or a fashion scene. Activities and hobbies, which might be sports, a particular organisation or group of people that you enjoy doing regularly. Take some time to de construct your life and think what are the bits of your life that fulfil you and you wouldn’t want to live without. And when you are considering new places make sure they exist there. equally even if you aren’t moving, thinking what you need and doing more of it is a pretty powerful way to be happier. For me having a swimming pool near by is an essential, along with open green spaces and a variety of sports and activities. I also would happily add into the mix a few chocolate shops, cake classes, bakeries, farmers markets and zoos but these are negotiable.

Working out some activities that are dear to you really give a great place to start for rebuilding a new life. What’s exiting is you get to take the best bits from your previous lifestyle and add in some new stuff. You can take time to re-evaluate what is important and give more time to what you want to do. Right now I’m focusing on writing, trying out some new sports and activities and exploring new places. I’m also taking the time to appreciate smaller pleasures in life, like roast lamb, European chocolate, settling into winter, reminiscing on previous fun trips, reading and making future plans.


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