Bookmark #1

I’ve always been a total bookworm, I love having that time where you go jump into someone else life and walk in their shoes. I read almost anything, I’ve only ever been bored by a handful of books.

I now have more time to read and I’ve been enjoying:

Bridget Jones, Mad about the boy, If you’ve read the first two this is familiar, like having a glass of wine with a long lost friend. Bridget is still amusing, irritating, grown up and normal, I found the plot a bit of a cop out to talk about dating, but its heart warming and sad. If you’ve read the others its worth a read, and if you haven’t read any of them well its a fascinating if not worrying insight into the female mind!

The fault in our stars, I started this one a while back and have only got around to reading it, its lovely and heartbreaking.

The Cuckoo’s Calling, JK Rowlings alter ego, I finally got around to finishing this ready to read the next instalment, – The Silkworm, its actually pretty good.

Catlin Moran, How to be a woman, hilarious, brilliant and so worth reading, for guys and girls, it really makes you take another look at who you are and what you are doing whilst discussing issues of feminism in an intelligent, up to date and progressive way.

Gone girl, I finished reading this ages ago but just went to see the movie version, twisted and brilliant

Broken Homes and Whispers underground – The Peter Grant series, this series kicked off with Rivers of London, and it is fantastic, I’m completely hooked, a modern day policeman in central London who is a practising magician – what’s not to love! Can’t wait for the next instalment due out this month.

Frankie magazine, its random and quirky, but oh so amazing, great photos, ideas, musings and randomness

and way too much Irvine Goffman than I care to write about

I’ve also finished watching House of cards, – all the characters are horrid, yet its strangely good, Orange is the New Black, Kinda messed up but funny, Cilla, an ITV three parter on Cilla Black played by the awesome Sheridan Smith.


Let me know your recent favourite reads, or not too miss programs!

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