Remember remember the 5th November

Its bonfire night!!! Guy Fawkes night is an English tradition celebrated each year with a bonfire, a stuffed guy on top and fireworks. Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up parliament so each year we celebrate burning him. Its a bit of a weird tradition when you think about it and begs the question why do we celebrate it, but its one of my favourite events. Its all about fireworks, snuggling up warm, and celebrating autumn and the start of winter just after the clocks have gone back. I LOVE it! Is also marks 7 weeks until Christmas! That’s it I said it.

When I was a kid I remember going to my nans we would wrap up and trudge down to city bank to watch the fireworks. Then we would come back have hot chocolate with marshmallows, an light some sparklers. It was always a family occasion, and the night was always exciting and looked forward to. I try to make it to as many displays as possible, especially as for a few subsequent years we missed this week in November as we were oversees with Big shot Cricket. So we’ve tried to make it to quite a few events each year since. I’ve been known to plan out a different display every night of the week when November starts.


Some of my favourites are the little village/school of Kingham display in Oxfordshire. Its a small village display where they have a massive bonfire, good hot chocolate and cider, hog roasts and excellent fireworks. You park around the green and enjoy. One year we also went to the Rollright fireworks. Sadly it had been quite wet and miserable that year and it was almost impossible to light the bonfire the fireworks though looked great against the Rollright stones. We’ve also been to the Oxford fireworks in South parks, I used to live along the park and each year we would invite friends over for a pre party and then sneak through the back gate through the nettles into the park to watch. This year my heart will be with my Oxford peeps who will be watching.

Last year we went to the display at Kennilworth castle. This display was awesome, there were hotdogs, and hot cider, hot chocolate, sparklers and muddy fields. The fireworks were played against music and the impressive backdrop of Kenilworth castle. Everytime I hear Rihanna’s ‘bright like a diamond’ I’m transported back to that moment.

Sadly its not really celebrated over here, so I’ll be reminiscing the last few displays. Have a great evening and enjoy some sparklers!


IMG_8052 IMG_8053

2 thoughts on “Remember remember the 5th November

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