cakes and tarts

This weekend was an eventful one, Sunday afternoon as spent mostly in the kitchen, Kiwi observed after 3 hrs in the kitchen I had baked a lot today. We made a roast – as we finally found a joint of lamb in the supermarket. And oh my it tasted good! We roasted it and had roast potatoes, parsnips and loads of veggies. We also realised it had been over 2 months since we last had lamb!! and to be fair since we last saw a sheep! We also made some chocolate drop cookies, these didn’t last long enough to take a photo off. Kiwi wanted ‘mallow puffs’ so we tried a new recipe with this and they turned out ok, despite not having any golden syrup. I never realised this is a British product and not that common over here! If you make these its worth investing in a silicone/hard tray as pealing the paper of and painting chocolate on is fiddly and a bit annoying. And the final bake…. a white chocolate and macadamia nut tart. This is amazing! and so so bad for you its good. Its a pastry base the filling is essentially white chocolate, cream, cream cheese and nuts…. with a chocolate ganache topping. its so rich I think this might last us for weeks! This week I’ll need to make a load of soup and we will try to play tennis to counteract the excess cake!


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