25 things to do in South Bend

Ok, so having done quite a lot of googling, on-line research and scouring local places for leaflets and flyers to see what’s happening here I’ve found a couple of things. One of the best sources of info has been Inthebend – a local on-line newspaper, and the blog, 365 things to do in South Bend. Now I’m not convinced there area actually 365 things to do that are worth doing, and the blog only goes to 271, but I’m willing to give them a go! What’s more I figured I’d try out them so I could report back on the best South Bend has to offer, and see if I can add some new stuff.  So here’s a definitive list of things to do, I’ve edited this list into an Autumn/Winter one and will recreate a Spring/Summer catalogue later in the year. I’m going to give each one a go and see what happens. These largely orientate around food, but also local events, festivals and activities. Here’s the list.


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