All Hallows eve

Its the end of October Autumn is in full pelt, Winter is coming and the witches are out! The Halloween decorations have been popping up around here since the start of the month. I figured as they were coming out so early by the last week of October I wouldn’t be able to move for the pumpkins, broomsticks and fake spider webs. But alas it hasn’t got much more spectacular. I’ll check out this evening where hopefully it will all come together for some serious celebration!

There seems to be a slight obsession with pumpkins, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! – I don’t get it, maybe it wards of the evil spirits, but I am planning to find and try some pumpkin pie this weekend. Dressing your pets up as pumpkins, and other Halloweeny things – seriously, might try and put something on the cats! Pumpkin carving, you can see our efforts below! And s’mores… looking forward to finding out what they are! Halloween is also my lovely sisters birthday, yes she is a witch, ha! Happy birthday sister!!! Enjoy your witches hats, bubbling cauldrons and pumpkins! And give a thought to all your loved ones




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