Material possessions, trinkets and memories

I like having ‘things’, just stuff that reminds you of great trips, a thoughtful gift from a friend, silly things that make you smile, moving to the other side of the world required a considerable amount of downsizing of such possessions. But a few of them made if over here. So what managed to survive the streamlining and why.


1. My grandmothers tin. I remember this tin from my childhood, it always contained some kind of cheesy biscuit or cracker. Often little cheesy snacks that were in the shape of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. I remember this tin or a similar one that stored flour, and spending many happy hours baking cakes and biscuits. it’s now looking a little worse for wear having been bashed about on its way over here. It used to contain coins, odd 1’s and 2’s that got emptied into a coin machine, turns out this adds up quite quickly. Now it has coins, laundry cards and random things that end up lying around.

2. My scales, I work in ounces when I get my bake on, these scales also used to belong to my nanny, they way a tonne and are pretty much solid. The original dish is long gone but I like to swap around different pretty bowls instead.

3. Kiwis penguin, Kiwi doesn’t have many ‘trinkets’ and pointless junk, this is one of them I think I brought it for him for a Christmas or birthday, the cat’s like to knock it over so he lives on the floor in Kiwi’s study.

4. Gingerbread candles. These are adorable and were found when we visited the German Christmas Markets in Cologne. In a lovely little Christmas shop filled with every Christmas decoration you could think of – some of these came too! These two were so cute I had to have them. They live on the bookcase and have never actually been lit.

5. Ok so bringing electronics to another country is almost pointless. But I couldn’t survive without my Lumie. Kiwi hates it. But its awesome. An alarm clock that slowly lights up in the morning before the radio comes on. Its perfect on cold winter mornings. I couldn’t live without it so it had to come with us.

6. The lego man. Ok so he’s not even really lego, I think he’s duplo. A friend gave him to me many many years ago, he used to have a dog and a treasure chest that are possibly in the bottom of a box in my parents attic. He’s fun and reminds me of growing up.

I wish I had the foresight to bring some sloe gin, obviously some board games travelled with us and the cat! Aside from photos, books, clothes, and games these were the random trinkets we brought with us. They remind us of travels and other exiting adventures, and of other people, and that sometimes you need to be silly and have fun.

2 thoughts on “Material possessions, trinkets and memories

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