The Good bits #2

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgWhoa, time really does fly by! Sometimes its frustrating when you aren’t sure you’ve used your time wisely. I’ve already been state side for 2 months now! Bizarre, as it still feels like only a week or too ago I was working in London and busy planning things. Life has changed a lot, this is the favourites from the last month.



1. Exploring Indiana, and visiting, Chicago, Cincinnati, Bloomington, Columbus, state parks and Michigan Lake. Planning more day trips and thinking about some of our past favourite trips

2. Settling into a different lifestyle, slowing down, taking time to think and re-evaluating, and enjoying getting outside

3. Catching up on Downton Abbey with a cup of peppermint tea

4. Eating lots of waffles and baked goods, and playing games.

5. Welcoming and playing with our newest fur baby

And what will November bring? Hopefully more walks snuggled up in cosy woollies, some fun trips, sports and activities, more baked goods, and some surprises, just no snow yet. *does little sunshine dance*

2 thoughts on “The Good bits #2

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