so in a bid to entertain myself, being slightly frugal and experimenting with being creative I’ve taken a slightly different approach to furnishing our new apartment. We didn’t have any furniture when we first moved – we didn’t have anything that was really worth shipping to the other side of the world, although I miss my bed! I never would have guessed finding a bedframe would prove such a hassle – I now know what a box spring is!! since Ikea is a few hours drive away and the strip malls of furniture are beyond overwhelming, I’ve spent many a happy hour wading through Pinterest for some inspiration! Its been pretty good fun visiting thrift shops here too. I’ve never seen so much stuff!! There are warehouses full of stuff! furniture, books, kitchen appliances, clothes shoes, you name it it is there! The quality varies between almost new to broken and I’m not convinced sell-able, but I’ve been enjoying rummaging through and finding some gems.


Upcycling is a good way of buying cheap furniture, that is better quality than Ikea, and making it your own. My first attempts have been to turn some dull looking bar stools into pretty ones, all with a staple gun, some fabric and some patience. I found a chair and Ottoman set that needed updating and they are now my cats favourite place to nap! These proved harder as I needed a square screw driver – there’s probably a  technical term but I’ve only ever known flat head and pozidrives before, a square one threw me! And using some shabby chic paint this dresser now looks awesome in my study.

Next I need to learn how to sew and reupholster a sofa…. more pinterest research is clearly needed!


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