Farmers markets

On the hunt for some good cheese, milk and meat we had a little visit to some local farmers markets. I’m a big fan of farmers markets and am seriously missing my weekly veg boxes, monthly meat box and daily deliveries of fresh milk! Ok finding all of these may be a little ambitious, but we thought we would start at a local farmers market to at least get some fresh in season local veggies, and hope there would also be some decent dairy.

Our first market was the large weekly south bend market, this is a large square building with plenty of veg, some honey, preserves, meat and cheese. sadly we weren’t blown away by the selection but perhaps we had too high expectations. We did pick up some good mozzarella, some proper eggs that weren’t white! and some local veggies. They tasted pretty good although the fruit was a little disappointing.

We also tried Granger farmers market aswell. Set in an old barn, this one was smaller but a lot quirkier, they had a meat counter, apples, soups, veggies, honey, cakepops and local crafts. decorated in pumpkins – right now there are pumpkins everywhere! We found some amazing bacon, and some chicken sausages. Yes you read that right chicken sausages we thought we would give them ago they were pretty tasty, but I think sausages are better with pork, or maybe beef – still being convinced on that one. We did however learn that ‘English bacon’ is called Canadian bacon here, as standard bacon is more like bacon rashers!



Bloomington farmers market had much more local veggies, some maple syrup, and some amazing baked goods.

I’m hunting for other local ones and researching into cooperative farming – the closest to veggie boxes I can find. unfortunately its just coming to the end of the season so not great timing but I’m looking forward to spring when they start up again.

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