One nice thing about going away is staying in lots of hotels. I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels now having worked for several years with The killing game, granted I’m normally running around finding little nooks to get ready to pretend to die or trying to find the scones. I really like stepping into a room already clean and tidy waiting for you. The first thing I do after claiming my side of the bed and checking out the view and blowing my nose because there is a box of tissues, is to inspect the toiletries. I wasn’t disappointed on this trip, it seems to becoming more normal to provide conditioner as well as shampoo, so I dont end up with straw hair. The hotel also had a facial massage bar and body bar – the body bar had little bumps to be used in the bath. a nice idea but turns out really impractical in the shower! sadly the baths here all seem to be half size, in terms of depth which isnt good bathing environment – if I’m going to have a bath I like to have several gallons of water and a bath big enough to wallow in. I was particularly amused by the ‘shoe mitten’ on closer inspection I think its for polishing one shoe or its a half sock for one shoe?!….. the second thing I do is to untuck all the bed sheets. I cant stand not being able to sick my feet out – why do they always tuck the sheets in so tightly!!! Many of the rooms over here have two double beds or a huge king bed with loads of pillows. I also like to check out the hotel gadgets, like the trouser press just because I can, here there were only irons and disappointingly there were no biscuits only coffee! Good to see hotel etiquette is about the same though!

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