All baked out

Normally Wednesdays are an exciting day of the week, why? because its Great British Bake Off day! The GBBO has just wrapped up series 5, complete with windmill gingerbread, mini classics, cake sabotage, and glorious weeks off icing, suspension and Sue and Mels innuendos. The final last week rounded off the series crowning Nancy as the winner. I was team Richard all the way. I’m now not sure what I’m going to watch!! I read yesterday in the guardian that Simon Cowell reckoned the Xfactor was the bees knees and that GBBO was boring, as who wants to watch a chocolate eclair. Well I do Simon! I watch the Xfactor, its car crash tv and perfect to snuggle on the sofa Saturday night after a busy week, but I don’t schedule my week around it. Bake off I do, if I’m out busy then I am already planning on watching it on catch up asap! Plus drooling over chocolate eclairs gives me plenty to talk about with fellow fans and friends, and inspires me to get baking. The Xfactor, i honestly cant remember an episode once I’ve finished watching it, but then I’m more of a strictly fan, I enjoy seeing people learn something. I’m going to have to fill my evenings with baking to substitute the lack off Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood gracing my screen. I still cant make a perfect loaf, but I can make a good eclair!! Until 2015, Ready steady bake…..

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