Bloomington & Cincinnati

So this weekend Kiwi and I took ourselves off to explore some more of the state and to see what the other states had to offer.

We drove just over 600 miles in three days, visited Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and were extremely pleased our car didn’t break and we didn’t get too lost! We started off driving south to visit Bloomington. Now Bloomington is described in the guide book as ‘lovely’ which is a good start. We were primarily visiting the University but had some time to explore downtown and the area. Unfortunately the day we choose was a rather drab dreary grey day but even so, Bloomington was rather charming.

We drove through the state and drove over lake Monroe and stopped in at Columbus. The town of ‘architecture’ had one nice main street and an interesting ethnicity fair. We then drove along the Ohio river, which eventually feeds into the Mississippi, this is the scenic route to Cincinnati. Whilst the river is pretty it is somewhat marred by the numerous factories along the way. The landscape had a few hills but it was mostly flat with lots and lots of corn. We did see many barns drying tobacco which was an interesting site.

Cincinnati has an impressive skyline with the main river front having been well designed for tourists. The swinging benches are a nice touch overlooking the ‘copy of London’s tower bridge’ well we thought it looked remarkably similar. There are many bridges across the Ohio that add to the skyline. Whilst we were there they had a BBQ festival with professional, amateur and garden BBQ’ers displaying their talent. We rounded our trip off with a stop in Indanoplosis where first impressions were glancing the Lucas oil stadium. We visited the zoo and had a merry afternoon spotting walruses and avoiding the zoo boo.







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