Shredded icecream

This was so bizarre its worthy of its own blog!!!! Kiwi and I rather like ice cream almost a much as cake, almost. So far our attempts to find good ice cream have not been too successful. On a recent trip we stopped in Columbus, where there was an ethnicity fair. The whole street was covered in stalls emitting lovely smells of different foods, Chinese noodles and sweet and sour pork, Indonesian wonders, Polish, Turkish, Indian, Amish foods, such a variety. There were plenty of meat sticks and bowls of steaming stir frys that reminded me of German Christmas markets. We saw one stall that had Korean shredded icecream, intrigued we thought we would try some. ‘shredded food’ seems to be a ‘thing’ over here. The shredded icecream came in a range of fruity flavors, and the stall asked customers to sing/speak some poems to gain a discount. We were handed a bowl of white stuff with sprinkles and mango sauce. The shredded icecream was literally shredded cold stuff, and didnt taste of much. At the bottom was a flavored rice paste. Further research tells me this is called Patbingsu, and is shredded red bean, with paste. We also had another food fail, and tried ‘cheese grits’ at a local waffle house as we had seen this on some menus. Expecting something meat/potato based we were given a bowl of what looked and tasted of semolina – but is groud corn, cooked in butter with a piece of fake cheese on top. Also weird. Not recommended.


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