Streamling…. the wardrobe

So lots of people seemed to enjoy my streamlining post, so I thought I’d come back to it. Ill start with the mythical capsule wardrobe! What is it and how does one achieve it. Well if I’m honest I suspect its a marketing BS phrase invented to make us shop more. although the point is to have a wardrobe full of outfits that all match and work together and have less things overall, but it requires lots of thought. Assuming you have a very particular style so your outfits all look the same – think Claire Underwood from House of Cards –  then this is a great idea for saving time in the morning. But then there’s reality. I took the ‘values’ of a capsule wardrobe in that I thought about what the point of clothes are. They obviously allow you out in public, they should look and feel nice, essentially they should fit properly! Not have any holes, stains or be worn and are things you actually wear on a regular basis. It was really difficult delving into my wardrobe and deciding I should get rid of the items Ive kept and not worn for years. yes not just weeks and months but actual years. the irrational fear that I might need it and well its been in there this long its practically part of the furniture! I also made a list of what a reasonable amount of clothes was. eg 10 t-shrts, 3 pairs of jeans, 5 jumpers, 5 coats, 20 pairs of socks etc I made this up I’m not sure what an optimum amount of socks would be. Enough so you can get away with a two week wash, but also taking into account different types of socks. sports ones, short ones, thick woolly, different colours, there’s so many options. I then took said type of clothing out of my wardrobe, all of them and only hung back up my favorites. then I counted them and a bit like Xfactor with the 6 chairs only a few more could go through, and other items had to be swapped in! I did this with all my clothes then took this ‘method’ with most of the items in the house. After all who needs 2 rolling pins? I also had 7 baking tins, and 6 slightly different white tshirts. Now I only have one. it great. And the other stuff I hardly remember any of it now, and I don’t miss it.

Not sure what to do with all of your items once you have waded through them…

Clothes swap – free shopping whats not to love!!!

Charity shop – there are many good causes that are local to you

Ebay – or if you cant be bothered to sort through listing stuff and posting stuff check out things like thedogtheboyandthewardrobe

4 thoughts on “Streamling…. the wardrobe

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