Why do I blog

Ive dabbled with blogging for several years, obviously late to the trend I really enjoy writing, telling stories and talking. I talk all the time, I often ask Mr Kiwi if his life is quieter when I’m not around. Over the years I’ve never quite got into blogging as I always approached it as I do most things, logically and academically. I ask questions like, what is the point of it, who is the audience, what is the focus and aims, why does it matter, and who does it matter too. This critical questioning makes it hard to pick one thing to talk about when I like to talk about everything, and to order the jumble of thoughts that go 100 mph in my head. This blog has been really refreshing, I started it after a few friends suggested it, its a great way to keep in touch wiih people, and to share the mundane day to day things we do – the little ethnographer in me finds this very exciting. Moving to the other side of the world seemed a good focus. everything would be different. it is, and writing these snapshops down has been good fun. Before we left I scoured the internet for blogs, reviews etc of things to do, things to think about to prepare ourselves for when we got here. So that’s why I blog really, I just like to talk, watch the world, and ask questions.

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