Ok Ive got a bit of a confession to make! I really really like games. Board games, actual sporting games, and computer games.

I love anything with a bit of competition, problem solving, strategy and collecting things….

I dont often play computer games – because days can pass me by. Growing up I loved the sims- who didnt you could build a house! – I didn’t care about feeding my sims or making them happy I just wanted to build and decorate the house! I had a Tamagotchi I loved my dinosaur, even if they beeped all the time!!! – Ive still got it somewhere! I remeber many a happy evening playing Super Mario on the old school Nintendo – when it froze and you had to blow the dust out of the box! any holiday/event possible I like to play Cluedo, Monopoly, Articulate, Catan, 13 dead end drive.

Last Christmas I had time! it was cold, everything was shut so I thought it was time to try a little computer game, I gave don’t starve a go! I love it, you collect stuff, random stuff happens, it snows, the possibilities are endless, and you almost always lose!!!! its so annoying, what happens if you cant find beefalow! I never ever find those damn coggs and he always goes insane! so if you have several hours to fill give it a go! I’m resisting until a really rainy day or 4!

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