Isn’t the wonders of technology marvelous!!

I’m loving that I still feel connected to everyone, Whatsap has been a life savour in being able to text for free, send photos and see whats going on with other people, – unless of course they are stuck in the 90s with an old school nokia! can you even imaging still only being able to save 10 messages at a time!!! Skype too, I’m impressed that the subscription service is pretty cost effective, for under a tenner I can ring anyone in the UK, so I can speak to people as if its a normal phonecall and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t at their computer. Granted I’m not the biggest fan of talking on the phone and I constantly have to check the time difference. I appreciate Twitter now more than I did before and of course big old bookface – although the baby photos and random ads are pretty annoying! I’m going to start looking into googlehangouts and the latest fad that I’m probably too old for, but for keeping in the loop its great, I’m also not sure what I would do with all of my time without pinterest – what did we do before the internet!?! although a good old board game wins everytime!

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