Needless to say I’ve been having lots of fun going to a different supermarket each week!! all the brands are different, the shops smell different – usually of pumpkin or baked stuff, sometimes bbq. The layout of the supermarkets tends to be the same, sometimes I cant even remember which one I’m in because they have stuff in the same place! I’ve been to Walmart, the food is pretty terrible but the cheap homestuff, random stationary and random isles are pretty good. Target was pretty exciting, a bit like Sainsbrys but with added home stuff, automobile stuff, and hobby sections. Ive also been to Mijer, Aldi, Bath bed and Beyond, Martins and Whole foods. I really like the vegetables have a ‘live’ section where they mist them with spray, this seems to result in slightly soggy vegetables so Im not sure of the point. They all do pretty good steak and hams. Often the frozen section is before all the fresh stuff, and the dairy section is organised really bizarrely. I’m really not enjoying that most supermarkets pack your bags for you, and the wonky parking spaces though!!!

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