Since moving to the other side of the world I’ve had to streamline everything. my wardrobe, my books, my collections of pointless junk, bakeware, recipe books, shoes, board games!

This process was pretty daunting and a little stressful. I always think ill have a spring clean and a proper clear out but inevitably its far easier to shove it back in the cupboard unless the door doesn’t shut, once you start taking stuff out you realise that Pandoras box was a pretty good storage solution, and wonder how you will ever get it back in!!! If I didn’t have to I probably would never of got rid of most my stuff. I like stuff. I’ve always been quite a hoarder, but I also don’t like mess, and I like everything to have a place and to be put away – these two things don’t always match up so well. I’m not sure I could be a total minimalist, but it does make you think, what is the point of it all, do you actually need it. would you ship it to the other side of the world. If it doesn’t gather dust, makes you smile or is edible then keep it. otherwise its really really nice to have less, and I finally have that mythical capsule wardrobe! – I recommend you give it a go!

The things I’m so happy I kept/sent to the other side of the world,

photos & pictures, my duvet, cadburys, the cat, my kindle, bakeware

the only things Ive regretted getting rid of;

my swimming googles – but I got new not as good ones, those shoes I cant remember, * kidding, quiet dark village, my animals of farthing wood entire comic collection

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