Its hot hot hot!

today reached 33 degrees! I melted, but figured I best make the most of it before it gets frrrreezing cold.

The university has amazing sports facilities, one of them is st Joe’s ‘beach’. There’s two large lakes that you can swim in and do lots of fun water sports. there were a few people chilling out of the pier and swimming – the water was lovely, I freaked out because there was squelchy mud on the bottom!!! – I hate wet things on my feet. But I did go paddle boarding. I tried paddle boarding for the first time in Wales with some friends a while ago, it was really good fun although with a few waves I was only made it to kneeling the first time. I did some more before I left down in Devon which was so tranquil and really good fun. So I rented a board and paddled around the lake. – I didn’t fall in which was good,  I couldn’t see anything in the lake either as it was green but lots of birds and various people running around the lake – why would you run in 30 degree heat?!?



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