Taco bell

Our first visit to Taco bell – there are an amazing array off take away foods here :-) there’s drive through bagel houses, starbucks, cookie places, pizza, burritos, Daves world famous Bar B Q- not sure what its famous for yet, Chinese, chicken wings, Krispy Kremes, Buffalo wings, and little ceasers. now I only know what have these places are and what they sell so I’m looking forward to finding out. Taco Bell was interesting – we had tacos – surprisingly, a burrito and something in between, I couldnt tell the different flavours but kinda tasty. we’ve had subway where they have 4 types of ready grated cheese none of which actually seems to be real cheese! and an iced tea – which I expected something like Liptons, no it was actually cold tea – it was horrible. We also tried a place that had ribs pulled pork and nibs- not sure what nibs are I think some kind of pork but we aren’t sure, all we could taste was BBQ sauce so it really could have been anything. looking forward to trying out some pizza and Krispy Kremes!

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