MIA Christmas trees

Today I visited the Christmas tree shop – mostly out of curiosity at why there was a Christmas,as tree shop. Amazingly there wasn’t a sign of an evergreen, not so much a a string of tinsel or a fairly light in sight! I guess I was expected something on a grand scale of the Christmas tree shop in Lechlade. Instead I was greeted with all manner of random items. Holidays here are clearly a big deal, with 2 months to go Halloween is just around the corner, there were isles and isles of Halloween ‘stuff’. I cant wait to see what happens once its Halloween week. Amongst the ‘candy’ and pumpkins were all manner of homewares, arts and crafts, fabric and picture frames. I brought a snack as I was a little peckish, having no idea what anything is is really exciting, I currently have no recognition of any brand, except maybe Dorritos and Cheetos. so I found some cheesy pretzels. Im not sure why I picked these as I don’t really liked pretzels but these were like large pretzel hulu hoops with the middle filled with ‘cheese’ well a baked cheese tasting substance a glorious orange colour. they kinda reminded me of cheese footballs you get in round tubs at Christmas time. strangely addictive!



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