The Eagle has landed

I’ve arrived! Horrah after a long flight – the first plane didn’t even have proper propellers and I could hear the cat the whole way!!! but its hot hot and sunny. First impressions are that American is HUGE. the great lakes are huge! – OK I knew they were big, lake Michigan is bigger than Wales, but still flying over they look like a vast ocean, way bigger than crossing the channel when on a clear day you can see the white cliffs and the French coastline. Maybe its just where we are in Indiana but its really flat. I finally found a hill and got a little bit excited – it wasn’t a gentle rolling series of hills and it didn’t have a patch on Headington hill but still. The days are hot and humid with frequent thunder storms – the impressive kind where the lighting opens up the whole sky and you can feel the thunder. The rain falls in massive drops and its still hot. thankfully we have air con. I’d just unpacked my scarves before I flew out so my body is very confused. It feels like I’ve stepped into an American movie, Mrs Doubtfire, Twilight…. I cant think of any others right now but the houses are all different and one story with a ‘yard’ and ‘porch’ complete with a bench or a swing. Most people drive trucks or massive cars, there’s fire hydrants and stop signs. The supermarkets and ‘malls’ are insane – more on that later. I’m quite intreagued how the next days will pan out, now to work out how to watch iplayer – I’m already two episodes behind on bakeoff!

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