Driving – what now

So we spent a long day looking for a car, we were fairly relaxed on what we needed, something that would keep on going, low maintenance, economical, 4 wheel drive and big enough to put skis in. I’m still frankly astounded on the cost of cars here – they are ludicrous!!! and the quality of them. driving around you notice quite literally heaps of junk still rolling around –  I now kinda understand ‘pimp my ride’ that seemed to forever be shown on MTV. I’ve seen cars without any bumpers, or gaffa taped together with half a wheel arch because its rusted off/been cut off, smashed sides, holes in roofs, wonky! cars, most that would be on a scrap heap at home, and that’s the thing there’s no MOT’s or an equivalent you can quite literally keep running a car and patch it up until the wheels fall off, and yet they still cost a fortune. To give you an idea, the cheapest car that is still in tact is about $4000, theres a few cheaper but they have parts missing, whole parts. A golf with 140k, over 10 years old and pretty small for cars here would set you back $5.500 dollers that’s like 3k for something that would cost a third of that at home. And as for the driving, most cars are automatic, most speed limits are 40mph at the highest, and noone speeds! and the roads are all flat and straight very straight. The only entertainment comes from having no clue what to do at stop signs or turning right on a red light, especially when indicator light scan be any colour! From what I can gather at stop signs you have to stop even if nothing is coming and right of way seems to be to take it in turns. Also driving n the right is weird, having the steering wheel on the left is weird, I keep getting into the wrong side of the car. On the plus side its really difficult to actually get lost!

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